Join the Hawgfin Pro-Staff Today

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Hawgfin Pro-Staff member! We are excited to expand our Pro-Staff Family by building a business relationship! We want to support you as you expand your business, chase incredible fish and an exciting life on the water. From inshore to offshore, in the USA and abroad, we want to support your passion!

Being a member of our Pro-Staff family comes with its perks. You will receive:

  • Huge exclusive savings, a free “Pro-Staff Pro Pack."
  • Hawgfin professional videography service free of charge for your advertisement.
  • Social media shoutouts as Hawgfin promotes your products or services through our company's videography and images.
  • Discounted 10% off our entire website on any and every purchase you make. 

As a member of the Pro-Staff, we will also edit, post, and share your fishing/ wildlife content on our social media accounts to help grow your following! You will always retain the copyright to your videos or photographs. 

If you are a:

  • Fishing Captain (Charter or Private Vessel)
  • Tournament Fisherman
  • Professional Angler
  • Fishing Mate
  • Social Media Influencer
  • Diver (Free Diver or Tank Diver)
  • Marine/ Fish Photographer
  • Marine Lifestyle Influencer

We would love to know more about you!

Please submit a short fishing/ wildlife paragraph along with a photograph or video of you in action to If you are a photographer, please submit a photo you’ve taken.

If you are selected to join the Pro-Staff, we will notify you to go over the details of your benefits! We encourage you to test our gear to its full potential and give some away to your anglers, friends, family, and clients. The more content you can send us, the more gear we’ll be able to send you! 

Tight Lines & Good Times

- Hawgfin