Slaying Dragons

Till the Hands Bleed

You Are Made For This
Built for Fishing

Comfort and Resiliency Is Key

Fear No Giant
Stylish and Clean

Exceptionally Soft and Warm

Balancing Practicality and Aesthetics
UPF50+ Protection

Performance Shirts

Never Fails Never Fades
UPF50+ Protection

Easy On The Skin


A slang for big fish used in south for years.

Hawgfin unites anglers who chase them but also rise above to be successful in life, career, family, friendships, and bring back the hard work ethic in this country.

You Dream Big Catch Big. You never back down from any challenge. You Fear No Giant and work toward your goals land and sea Till The Hands Bleed!

That’s the true meaning, purpose, and will of Hawgfin that unites us with our customers.

UPF50+ Protection
Poly Spandex Moisture Wicking Technology
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Sleek & Stylish
Precision Cut PVC Rubber Patch Design
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It's time to layer up
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