G-Eye Jigs

Captain Lonnie Johnson is a fellow veteran who served 25 years, active duty, in the U.S. Army as a Special Bandsman in the Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps performing all over the world for some very special events. 

Lonnie's passion for fishing brought him to Chesapeake Beach in 1998, because it's centrally located to the DC metro area.  He spent every opportunity he could out on the bay learning every nook and cranny that is out there and the learning still hasn’t stopped.

Lonnie always said "The most important thing I learned a long time ago was, IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT A COOLER FULL OF FISH!!!  It’s really about going out on the bay with family and friends for a special and memorable day." There’s nothing more satisfying to Lonnie than when someone asks him “Hey, remember that day we went fishing?” as I’m looking at that big smile on their face.  Mission accomplished….

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